Mike Krome is an Australian artist known primarily for his work in the comic and pinup genre. His work has been featured in children’s books, magazines, games, film promotions, book covers, comics, coffee table books, camomile tea table books, and a number of restroom walls.
Addicted to comics since age 10, Mike eventually left a potential career in advertising to focus on drawing them, teaming up with friend and writer JP Roth to debut the mythology/fantasy series “Ancient Dreams” in 2011, which quickly lead to other projects within the industry, and a full-time career as a freelance Illustrator.
Best known for his cover art in both traditional and digital mediums, his trademark attention to detail and elegant take on the female form can be seen on a variety of publications, for the likes of Valiant Entertainment , Zenescope, Image, Aspen Comics, Coffin Comics, BOOM!, and Rothic Novels.
When not travelling for work, Mike lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, 2 children, and cactus plants…all of which he has proudly kept alive.

He has been voted “Sexiest Man At Heathrow Terminal 4 Security” 6 times.